Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Positive Bully Breed Training LLC

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Our Founder, Toni

Toni Lipscomb is the founder, owner, and lead trainer at PBBT. Her passion for dogs and her career as a certified trainer begins with her own dogs. The loves of her life are her pit bull, Angel and her sister Beauty. The love of dogs is the foundation not only of her work as a dog trainer, but of her life.

Formal Education

Toni has a full year of training in canine obedience from Animal Behavior College. This means she has the education and experience to train any dog using effective, humane training methods. This creates good behavior while maintaining the "spark" the makes a dog special. Today, her goal is to improve relationships between dogs and their owners.

My Dogs

Angel, Toni's pit bull, recently crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She is the reason Toni became a trainer. Losing Angel was like losing pieces of herself. Now her home is filled with love from Misha, a blue-brindle pit and her handsome chocolate lab, Hershey. The unconditional love they provide is immeasurable. Toni always tells her clients that "the dogs are easy to train, humans — not so much". Let us show you how to become the ultimate 'pack leader' in humane way!