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Positive Bully Breed Training LLC

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Humane Training For Your Dog

Turn a new dog into a trusted family pet with humane training for any breed from PBBT of Fayetteville, North Carolina. We work throughout North and South Carolina, as well as Virginia, to deliver positive in-house training, mobile training,  and skill sets for service dog canidates. These services save pet lives by eliminating dogs abandoned due to behavioral problems. Kennels and animal control centers alike can do more to help dogs when less dogs and puppies are abandoned!

Positive Reinforcement

At PBBT, we believe that positive reinforcement of wanted behaviors is the most effective, humane way to train dogs. We use food and toys to lure and capture the dog, and to reward the right behavior. These positive interactions, combined with consistency are the cornerstones of our training philosophy. Leash and collar correction are only recommended after all other methods have been exhausted and the effectiveness of the training program is in jeopardy.

Walking & Training Services

Rates vary based on breed, size, and disposition for our Walking & Training services. For one hour at a time, we offer single walking and training services which can be scheduled for multiple days. Basic cues are taught for proper walking and behavior. Your dog will enjoy the exercise and the learning experience.

In-House Training & Overnights

Our in-house and overnight rates vary based on your dog's needs, training goals, and the length of the stay. Here, we invite your dog into our home space for one-on-one training based on specific training goals. Timelines and availability vary, so please contact us for more details.

emotional support/ Service Dog Training

Before we can consider a dog for training, it's important to evaluate them. If we're training a dog you already own, we can provide an assessment to see if your dog would be suitable for the program. If we have to procure a dog, we will determine that type of dog to meet the 'task' required. Once the evaluation is complete, a 6-7 month program will begin. Upon successfully completing the evaluation and completion of all application requirements,, we'll work with you to establish a training schedule and to meet the target task requirements as designated by ADA guidelines. This process can be rigorous as there is very little room for error in for Custom Dog Training.  Please contact us for rates.

Service Dog

Basic & Advanced Obedience Training

This training starts with an initial assessment and the number of sessions determined thereafter. You can save money by paying for package programs. These private sessions take place in your home environment to assess the issues you are having and deliver a functional treatment plan and training program to help you and your dog meet your goals.  Please contact us for rates.